Crossroads – essay

If you lived in the South before the Civil War and you found yourself in the position of being able to buy slaves and start building a plantation or live the rest of your life without being a slave owner, you would have been at a crossroads.

If you were a Bible-believing person and you knew that there were many people, mostly in the North but many in the South, who believed, and were preaching, that blacks are created equal by God, as written in the Constitution and that slavery is evil and against God’s will, you would have a choice;  you could either rationalize owning slaves so that you could live a comfortable life, or do what you know in your heart is right and live a less comfortable life without slave ownership.

And, unless your parents had a solid religious foundation, your neighbors would most likely pressure you into pursuing a comfortable life and buy slaves. In addition, in the South, it would be extremely difficult to be able to support a farming family without slaves where prices were based on slave labor. You would need to work hard to earn a living. You could work as a hired hand, do carpentry, blacksmithing or some similar craft, but you would be working mostly for the plantation owners.

To own slaves you would need to convince yourself that blacks were not created equal, did not deserve Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The culture of the day would encourage you to believe this. But there would be other voices telling you otherwise and you would have to choose to hear what you wanted to hear from the people that were telling you that it was legal and okay to own slaves. You might not just believe it; you might become a strong advocate for slavery and do everything you can to oppose the Abolitionists.

If you were a German before World War II and you found yourself in the position of supporting the Nazi Party and the Confiscation of Jewish property for the promise of a more comfortable life or if you were opposing the Nazis and continue to live in poverty and despair that pre-World War II Germans were experiencing, you would have been at a crossroads.

If you were a Bible-believing person and you knew that most Bible-believing people, since the American Civil War , were preaching that all people are created equal by God, as written in the American Constitution and that discrimination and genocide is evil  and  against God’s will, you would have a choice; You could either rationalize atrocities against the Jews so that you could live a more comfortable life, or do what you know in your heart is right and live a less comfortable life or even endanger your life by opposing the atrocities perpetrated against  the Jews. And, unless your parents had a solid religious foundation they might even pressure you into pursuing a  more comfortable future for yourself and your family by supporting the Nazi Regime.

If you were successful in stopping the Nazis, it is most likely that you would have to be employed by a Jew to make a living and support your family.

The reason for which Jews, who represented only 1% of the German population, had more wealth than the average German was due to their religious traditions. Jewish people are trained not to spend everything they earn on themselves, but to save money, invest money wisely, especially invest in their youth.

“I have found that Jews who have never even opened a Jewish book still believe in intrinsically Jewish ideas that stem from the Torah. After probing, often they heard these ideas from a Jewish grandmother they were close with or from a great uncle. But in the end they can almost always be traced back to Jewish ideas that come from the Torah”, (excerpt from “Yes, Jews Are Good At Making Money By Levi Brackman, October 13, 2008 in Jewcy Brought to you by Tablet Magazine).

A Jewish business owner was very likely to help another young Jewish person start up a business because he had been helped getting started himself by and Uncle or Jewish friend of the family. But instead of analyzing the Jewish model for success and emulating it (like the Mormons did in the US), the culture of the day, because of Nazis’ indoctrination, was teaching that the Jewish people were prosperous because of theft and deceit. This is a lesson that can be applied today when we are being told we should be punishing and confiscate the income of the top 1%. (History repeating itself). People tend to equate wealth with theft and deceit instead of hard work, innovation and generational thriftiness and wise investments. It is human nature to view those that have more than yourself as lucky (or unscrupulous) and those who have less than yourself as being lazy or criminal. Of course, the opposite is true: those who have less than you have, view you as being lucky (or unscrupulous)

To support the Nazis (or become one) you would need to convince yourself that Jews are not created equal, do not deserve Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The culture of the day would encourage you to believe this. But there would be other voices telling you otherwise and you would have to choose to hear what you wanted to hear from the people who were telling you that it was legal and okay to boycott Jewish businesses, confiscate their property and ultimately enslave, torture and kill them. You might not believe it, you might become a strong advocate for the Third Reich and do everything you can to eliminate the entire Jewish race.

More Germans were for boycotting Jewish businesses and confiscating their property than for killing them. In fact, the German military did much to hide what they were doing from the public. But the public had either to ignore the rumors or simply not react due to peer pressure or out of legitimate fear.


If you are an American today and you find yourself in the position of supporting unlimited abortion and the killing of an innocent life for the promise of a more comfortable future for women with unplanned, unwanted pregnancies and the men who got them pregnant or to live with the consequences of that pregnancy for at least nine months, you are at a crossroads.

Unlike the two previous examples, where there were only two choices. With a pregnancy there are three choices. Raising the child, Abortion and ADOPTION!

Unless the grandparents of the embryo/fetus/baby have a solid religious foundation, they are likely to pressure the mother and father into pursuing a more comfortable future for themselves by having an abortion to avoid even nine months of inconvenience.

To support abortion (or have one) you would need to convince yourself that an embryo/fetus/baby is not created equal, does not deserve Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The culture of our day encourages you to believe this. But there are other voices telling you otherwise and you have to choose to hear what you want to hear from the people who are telling you that abortions are legal and it is okay to kill an innocent embryo/fetus/baby. You might not just believe it you might become a strong advocate for abortion and do everything you can to support and promote abortions.

Many Americans claim to support “Safe, Legal but Rare” abortions. And the abortion industry has done much to hide what they are doing from the public. Abortions on minors without parental consent, promoting abortion as a means of birth control and the genocide of blacks.

“We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.” “They are…human weeds,’ ‘reckless breeders,’ ‘spawning… human beings who never should have been born,” Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger.

The public either had to ignore the rumors or simply not react due to peer pressure.

In the past “the admonishment to do the right thing” meant for the father to marry his sexual partner and raise the child with her. Often this meant not getting that degree and high paying job that had been planned. Just like the previous examples, every situation calls for sacrificing a more comfortable life in exchange for a more moral life. Making a living doing honest work and not achieving the high standard of living you once dreamed of, is often the price of living a God-centered life and making the right moral choice. However, as I alluded to before there is a middle road. Getting married and raising the children that you create is the highest moral calling. But a couple that creates a child can get back on the road to the carefree life without committing murder. They can decide to put the child up for ADOPTION. The father is off the hook right away even though the mother will have to endure nine months of pregnancy.

I know that many feminist are angry at God for creating this inequality and insist that the mother should be able to get out of this as easily as the father does. Equality is their predominant reason for becoming such rabid proponents of pre-birth murder. One reason for which I keep highlighting ADOPTION is because my wife and I have adopted three children and we want to impress on everyone that ADOPTION is an option. If you cannot raise the baby yourself, ADOPTION is the choice between giving a child Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness and murder.

I know most people would like to believe that they would be that person in the south to stand up against slavery. They would be that person in Germany who would oppose the Nazi Regime. None of us know for sure what we would do in a situation that we have not experienced. However, I believe that the economic argument for doing the wrong thing is even stronger for the Southerner supporting slavery and the German supporting the Nazis than for an American supporting abortion today.

Even self-proclaimed Christians folded under the cultural pressures of their time in the South and in Germany. Only the hardcore Bible-reading, Bible-believing Christians sacrificed their safety and their prosperity to oppose evil, e.g. Bonhoeffer.

In the South, The Bible was even quoted to support slavery. However, Christian and Jewish scholars have long held the view that slavery is not God’s will but part of our fallen world and nature. Dennis Prager has a good explanation about slavery in his book The Rational Bible; Exodus. There is no simple quote that I can use to illustrate. So, I will just direct you to his book for more information.

I truly believe that many of the same people, who support abortion today, would have supported slavery and the Nazis if they lived in that culture, because comfort and prosperity almost always trump other considerations. Remember that in both the South and in Germany the majority of the population supported the evil of their time. Only a minority were willing to sacrifice and stand firm against evil.

Chelsea Clinton made a very timely remark in August 2018 when I was writing this paragraph, she said, “American women entering the labor
force from 1973 to 2009 added three and a half trillion dollars to our economy.” Right?

The net, new entrance of women – that is not disconnected from the fact that Roe became the law of the land in January of 1973… According to Chelsea the monetary benefit to the economy justified 60 million abortions.

If you are considering an abortion these words is obviously trying to persuade you not to terminate your pregnancy and either raise the child or put it up for adoption. There are plenty of good parents waiting to adopt a child. Contact an adoption agency and they will help you choose the new parents. Also, the Safe Haven law allows anyone to drop off a Baby at any Hospital, Police or Fire station when it is a newborn. No questions asked. The baby was immediately placed with a foster family and the adoption process starts right away. Our boy Aksel was a Safe Haven baby that was dropped off at the Hospital. He was one day old when we got him. He is the apple of our eye and we are so grateful to the brave mother that gave him life and allowed us to adopt him.

If you have already had an abortion, God disapproves of your choice. However, abortion is no different than any of the actions of which He disapproves and calls sin. I was a thief. But to all sinners, He has given us a way to be forgiven and get back to a right relationship with Him. I stopped stealing and went back and paid for the materials that I stole. Even so, without Jesus, I am a thief in God’s eyes. However, Jesus has paid the penalty for my sins. Even after ceasing to steal and paying restitution, I am a thief by nature. A thief cannot enter heaven. Having something stolen from you causes sadness. God will not let anyone bring sadness into heaven. I stole with no concern for the owner of the material. I did not care that I was stealing hard-earned money from his family.

Even though I had had my ten-speed bicycle stolen from me and had to walk anywhere I wanted to go, I was still willing to steal from someone else.

When I was married and had children I bought a tag-along bike for my first born child, Tragg. He was not old enough to ride a bike on his own but loved riding on the tag-along behind me. In the summer I would sometimes ride my bike to work. I kept the tag-along attached rather than take it off and reattach it when it was needed. One day my bike and tag-along were stolen from outside the clinic. Our business was young and our cash flow was needed to run and grow my practice. I did not have money to replace my bike and tag-along. My son was devastated. Having been on the receiving end of thievery, I do not want thieves in heaven and understand why God won’t have it either. I have to want my nature to change. I have to want not to be a thief by nature. I have to choose Jesus over my sinful nature.

By God’s grace and the propitiation of Jesus Christ for our sins we are totally cleansed and we can enter heaven free of our earthly sinful nature if, and only if, we accept the gift of Jesus’s blood on the cross.

Back to abortion…. When I graduated from high school I was still a virgin. Not because I had such strong beliefs about premarital sex. There were two reasons which, once combined, stopped me from having a sexual relationship and not to get a girl pregnant. One reason is that I wanted to become a veterinarian. The other reason was that, even though my moral compass had been adversely affected by my current world view, I had not reached a place where I would want a baby which had been created by  my partner and me to be aborted. I knew that if I got a girl pregnant I would feel obligated to take responsibility for the child. I also knew that by assuming responsibility for a child (and the mother) it would be unlikely that I would become a veterinarian.

Not only can your attitude regarding the life of an unborn child influence your decision as to what you need to do about an unwanted pregnancy, it can also help you avoid an unwanted pregnancy in the first place.

I feel that I need to address one more pro-abortion argument. “Making abortion illegal will increase the number of back alley abortions”. First, I don’t think that that is a very good argument if you will accept that an unborn child is a human being. To me that is like saying by making the killing of Jews legal, and carried out by the state, there will be fewer Arian German deaths caused by Jews defending themselves from back alley murders. Or, by making slavery legal we will decrease the amount of underground sex slave trade that exists today.

I believe that, in addition to the fact that the total number abortions would decrease dramatically, the number of illegal abortions would be very few. Out of wedlock birth does not carry the same social stigma that it once  did.

I would like to also propose that back alley abortions are likely to be safer than legal abortions. I know that that is a shocking claim but hear me out. Anesthesia and surgery can be dangerous. You can die having your tonsils removed. If you die during a legal surgery, there is no legal ramifications unless your family can prove negligence in some way. If a legal abortion provider has a patient, or patents, die, the family is not likely to pursue legal action for an abortion that they do not want publicized, if the chances of conviction of even censure are not likely. On the other hand if the cause of death is an illegal abortion there will automatically be a charge of murder or manslaughter. The illegal abortion provider has the extra incentive to keep his patient alive.

Now I am going to challenge those of you who were already Pro-life. Currently there are more than enough people waiting to adopt children. However, if the 60 million babies that have been aborted in the US , since Roe v Wade, had been put up for adoption, more families willing to adopt would have been needed. More Christian families would need to step up. So, if you are Pro-life and opposed to abortion, you need to be willing to

adopt. Also, you need to start doing foster care. While, currently, there are enough parents looking to adopt to fill the the adoption need, there are not enough foster parents to fill the need for foster parents. As our welfare system creates more and more people who are not able to be good  parents (see essay on – What are the effects of world views on individuals, culture and society?),

the need for foster care is increasing. Some of the foster children are able to go back to their parents as their parents get help and training or rehab. However, some kids are not able to go back. Some of the parents are unable or unwilling to do what it takes to get their kids back. Some of the parents are even dead from overdoses, accidents and violence.

Therefore, if you find yourself at a crossroad where a decision needs to be made, I would suggest to take the road which will allow you, your family and your children to have Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. There will be choices to make; there will be prices to pay for your actions, but nothing is ever lost when you turn your face to God and admit to your weaknesses or ill-informed decisions. When at the crossroads of your life, make the Godly choice to stay on the path of love even if, perhaps especially if, it involves sacrifice.

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